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Testing Protocol Review

 Latest News and Updates

The Testing Protocol Review Technical Work Group kicked off in July 2007 and meets on an approximately monthly basis (you can find additional information by viewing the meeting notes from previous meetings on the Meeting Calendar section of this website). The main focus of the group has been to identify suitable projects to use as pilot studies for gathering additional site-specific information on suitable dredge material testing protocols.  Please contact Christine Boudreau or Brian Ross with any questions or comments regarding this work group.  Their contact information can be found in the ᠴitle="" target="_blank" style="color: blue; text-decoration: underline" href="">Contacts" section of this website.

Technical Work Group Directive
RSET Website
SF Water Board Hg TMDL Staff Report
SF Water Board PCB TMDL Staff Report
SF DMMO Characterization Guidance Documents
EPA/USACE Inland Testing Manual
EPA/USACE Ocean Disposal Manual

CV Water Board methyl mercury TMDL
CV Water Board DO TMDL
OREGON DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY DRAFT Guidelines for the Upland Disposal of Dredged Sediment
Central Valley Regional Water Board - Water Quality Goals
Central Valley Regional Water Board 焒 for Sacramento (
Order No. R5-2003-0046) and San Joaquin (Order No. R5-2004-0061) River Maintenance Dredging
Central Valley Regional Water Board 硳te Classification Material


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