July 2010

  July 20 �tiple TWG Meeting (Accomplishments and Goals) (Mercury Methylation Studies) (Reuse Limitations) (Bay LTMS Meeting Calendar)

May 2010

  May 25 �tiple TWG Meeting (WDR) (MRP) (Attachment A) (Attachment B) (Attachment C) (Attachment D) (Attachment E) (Attachment F)

September 2009

  September 17 �tiple TWG Meeting (Handout)

August 2009

  August 13 �tiple TWG Meeting (Handout) (Handout)

June 2009

  June 30 ᬴ernatives Development Work Group Meeting (Map Handout)

March 2009

  March 12 �tiple TWG Meeting (Handout) (Handout) (Handout) (Handout)

January 2009

  January 30 �tiple TWG Meeting (Handout) (Power Point)

December 2008

  December 2 �tiple TWG Meeting (Draft Map 10-29-08)  (Draft Map 11-26-08) (Summary of Placement Sites) (Draft DWR Meeting Notes)

September 2008

  September 17 �tiple TWG Meeting 
    ꉉ General Order Example with Comments
    ꉉ Revised Sediment Management Alternatives Table
    ꉉ Summary of Delta Dredge Material Placement Sites
    ꉉ General Order Pending Issues
    ꉉ General Order Clauses for Review
    ꉉ General Order Effluent Provisions

June 2008

  June 23 ॲmitting TWG Meeting
    꼡 target="_blank" href="docs/Meeting%20Handouts/6.23.08%20Stockton%20DWSC%20WDR%20General%20Order.pdf" style="color: blue; text-decoration: underline; text-underline: single"> General Order Example for Stockton DWSC
    꼡 target="_blank" href="docs/Meeting%20Handouts/6.23.08%20Sacramento%20DWSC%20WDR%20General%20Order%20Example.pdf" style="color: blue; text-decoration: underline; text-underline: single"> General Order Example for Sacramento DWSC
    꼡 target="_blank" href="http://www.waterboards.ca.gov/centralvalley/board_decisions/adopted_orders/" style="color: blue; text-decoration: underline; text-underline: single"> Link to CV Water Board's General Order Page

    Example General Order Handout (Word Format)
    ꉉ Water Quality Monitoring Requirements for GO Handout (Word Format)

April 2008

  April 3 㯭bined Permitting/Protocols TWG Meeting (Handout) (Handout) (Handout) (Handout) (Handout) (Handout) (Handout) (Handout) (Handout)

November 2007

  November 5 㯭bined Permitting/Protocols TWG Meeting (Handout) (Handout) (Handout) (Handout)

August 2007

  August 28 ﳰan> Protocols/Permitting TWG Meeting (Handout)

July 2007

  July 24 ﳰan> Protocols/Permitting TWG Meeting (Handout)

April 2007

  April 24 꼯span>Testing Protocols Technical Work Group Meeting (Presentation)

March 2007

  March 14 ﳰan> Permitting Technical Work Group Meeting (Presentation)

January 2007

  January 22 ﳰan> Strategy Review Group Meeting (Fact sheet) (Presentation)

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