The Management Committee and Inter-Agency Working Group Committee have established a series of technical work groups to address Delta LTMS issues that are either too focused in content for discussion among the entire Strategy Review Group or too technical in nature to be effectively resolved at the Management Committee level. The Management Committee will approve the leader and participants for each work group, and they will report directly to the Inter-Agency Working Group. 


After an in-depth review of stakeholder comments and priorities, and the available data for use in developing the proposed Delta LTMS, several data gaps/data needs were identified by the Corps and other SRG participants.  Included were the following items/topics:



To address these perceived information gaps, four technical working groups have been created: Regional Dredging and Reuse Permitting; Testing Protocol Review;  Programmatic BA Development; and  Disposal and Reuse Alternative Development.  Additional details on the specific work groups can be found in the links provided at the bottom of the page.