Structure, Participants, and Roles

The Delta LTMS is organized in a management process to include an executive committee, management committee, interagency working group, strategy review group, technical working groups, and an independent science review panels as described in this section.  In addition, public meetings will be held periodically to provide additional opportunities for input and feedback from all interested parties.

Executive Committee

At the top level, an Executive Committee will direct the overall program, set policy direction, and provide oversight of the study. The directors of each of the following agencies will serve on the Executive Committee.  The appointed executive managers should have the decision-making authority to represent the agency on the policy and regulatory issues to be addressed.  The Agency Executive Committee will meet annually or as necessary to set policy direction for the study and keep abreast of the progress of the study.

Management Committee

The Management Committee will consist of the deputy-level managers for the state and federal agencies. The Management Committee will oversee the work of the Interagency Working Group (IWG) and the associated Strategy Review Group, review policy recommendations, study plans, budget proposals, and provide recommendations to the Executive Committee. The Management Committee will meet quarterly. Members of the Management Committee are:

Interagency Working Group

An Interagency Working Group (IWG) includes program-level staff at five agencies. The IWG will serve as the primary program managers of the Delta LTMS process and steering committee for the Strategy Review Group.  The IWG will coordinate with the Management Committee, the Strategy Review Group and others with an interest in Delta activities and the LTMS process.  The IWGs role is to identify study issues and questions to be addressed such as:  identify technical work groups and expert resources, confirm purpose, charter, and assignments for the science advisory teams and technical review groups, discuss and review study work plans and scopes, discuss and review study budgets and resource needs, prepare and approve study reports, develop management and policy options for the Management and Executive Committees, and escalate issues to the Executive Committee that cannot be resolved at the Management Committee.  The members of the IWG currently consist of the following:

The Management Committee may identify other participants in the IWG.

Strategy Review Group

Study activities will be informed by a Strategy Review Group consisting of representatives of other agencies, stakeholders, and interest groups in the Delta working in or affected by dredging and reuse activities for navigation, levee stability, or ecosystem restoration.  The Interagency Working Group will coordinate meetings monthly or as needed with the Strategy Review Group to identify, review, and discuss: 1) the Delta sediment issues of concern to be addressed by the Delta LTMS study and in what order, 2) lines of inquiry that the science advisory teams (described below) will be tasked to pursue, 3) coordinated regulatory approach for Delta dredging to be approved by the Executive Committee.

Members of the Strategy Review Group may also provide public comment at the Executive Committee meetings. In addition to the agencies in the Executive Committee, the StrategyReview Group would include, but not be limited to the following organizations:

Technical Work Groups

The Management Committee has established four technical work groups to address Delta LTMS issues. The technical work groups consist of agency staff with expertise in the reevant subject areas. Technical work groups are open to interest participants from any agency, interest group, or the public. With the direction and approval of the Management Committee, technical work groups identify study needs, develop study  scopes and work plans, identify resources, and review results and conclusions. Currently formed technical work groups include the following:

Initial directives for the currently formed Technical Work Groups can be found on the following page: Technical Work Groups.

Other Stakeholders/Interested Public

Other interested parties will have the opportunity to learn about the Delta LTMS process and activities and to comment on them at public meetings to be held on an as needed basis, at project milestones.

Science Review Panel

The Management Committee established an independent Science Review Panel made up of national and regional experts. The purpose of the Science Review Panel is to provide an independent review process for all Delta LTMS studies. The Management Committee approves the leader and participants for the Science Review Panel. The Science Review Panel will evaluate existing information, identify gaps, and review results and conclusions.